Acne is such a common imperfection of the skin that most people believe it to be as normal as puberty. But, for some acne doesn’t just disappear when they leave their teens, they don’t just end up with clear, beautiful skin overnight and it can have a big effect on their confidence.

Acne is most common on the face, neck, shoulders and chest. It is caused by bacteria in the skin clogging the pours which creates painful, pus-filled spots and cysts.

For some people clearing acne can be as easy as using a facial scrub and soap, but for many they want permanent solutions with great results.

If you suffer from acne or know someone that does it might be time for you to think about finding an effective, permanent solution like laser treatment:

What Does Acne and Acne Scan Treatment Involve?

Dependent on the severity of your acne, each session will involve advanced intense pulsed light treatment which uses lasers to directly affect certain areas of the skin. The acne laser treatment is created to give you effective and lasting results on the affected areas of your skin.

This treatment is more effective with acne scarring and extremely bad acne as it works to rejuvenate skin and unclog pours.

With the more intrusive pulsed light treatment completed you may also be treated with some of the skin care products from the Laser Treatment range. This will include a Deep Sea Cleanse cleanser, Ocean Tone and Marine Fluid Shine Free skin balancing moisturiser. These products are to be used on a regular basis to regulate oil production in the skin and make sure to keep skin looking refreshed.

Skin Care With A Difference

You might already have your beauty regime down to a T but be struggling to find anything that works effectively on your skin. Exfoliators, toners and cleansers can only do so much but with effective skincare like that from Laser Treatment Clinic you will get long lasting results.

This skincare range is aimed at keeping your skin looking as great as it did after your round of acne laser treatment.

The products include a marine fluid shine free skin balancing moisturiser, a deep sea cleanse and many more items all available exclusively from The Laser Treatment Clinic.

How To Book Your Appointment?

Get in touch with The Laser Treatment Clinic today to book in your free consultation and then discuss any queries you have with one of our experienced consultants.

You will be given a plan of action discussing which treatments you will be having, what to do in the meantime and how to make sure you get the best results from the visits.

For more information on acne laser treatment or to book your free consultation contact The Laser Treatment Clinic today.