Treat your stretch marks before they appear

Posted on 12 Sep, 2011

As the majority of women are likely to suffer from stretch marks during pregnancy, it seems only sensible to take action to prevent them from forming in the first place. While complete stretch mark prevention is not possible, you can look after your skin so that it is in the best condition possible in order to reduce the risk of them appearing.

You can then also use these skincare products as stretch mark treatment for those that do appear despite your efforts!

The Laser Treatment Clinic has two products which are ideal for keeping skin soft and supple even when it is being stretched to its limits:

Profile Stretch Mark serum ensures that the skin remains nourished and hydrated. When skin is hydrated, it retains its suppleness and will stretch further without damage.

Rose E Derma Repair is another product that will help keep your skin in optimum condition while it is under pressure. The Rosa Mosqueta extract is well-known for its excellent moisturising properties.

Good exfoliation can also help the skin to maintain its elasticity, so try to exfoliate regularly, too. Profile Body Peel cleanses the skin while gently removing dead skin cells, smoothing away rough skin.

While you’ll never be able to completely prevent stretch marks, looking after your skin will give it the best chance of coping with the changes it will go through during pregnancy.