Scars are a natural part of the healing process for our bodies. They usually occur after an injury, impact, or damage to the skin. Scar tissue will differ to the surrounding skin in its texture and colour, usually making the scar seem prominent on the face or body. Therefore, many people will seek treatment to reduce the appearance of their scars. Scars should not be considered embarrassing or shameful, however, it is understandable that the appearance of a scar on obvious parts of the face and body can lead to issues with self-esteem and confidence for many people. Here at The Laser Treatment Clinic, we are experts in treating scars.

Types of Scars

Scarring can be listed in three different categories these are:

Atrophic Scars – These usually appear as sunken scars and are mostly associated with Acne and Chicken Pox. These types of scars are very common, and people usually seek to remove these when they are on the facial area.

Hypertrophic Scars – This type of scarring is when the skin appears raised due to an overproduction of collagen in the healing process. They will appear after an injury or damage to the skin. This is the type of scar most people will recognise as a typical scar.

Keloid Scars – This is an excessive form of scarring and usually associated with piercings. This type of scarring is far more common in people with darker skin.

At the Laser Treatment Clinic, we can treat mostly any type of scar. Including Childhood scars, accident scars, self-harm scars, surgical scars, tribal marks, scars from acne, spots, scrapes, marks, and blemishes.

Treatment For Your Scars

We offer a variety of options when it comes to scar removal treatments. The scar removal treatments we provide include derma white treatment, marine peel treatment, collagen induction therapy, laser treatment and advanced dermabrasion. Alongside our treatments which can be tailored to your needs and individual circumstances. We can treat most types of scars. Childhood scars, accident scars, self harm scars, surgical scars, tribal marks, scars from acne, spots, scrapes, marks, blemishes and burns We also recommend our skin healing products from our Zaheda Skincare lineBook a consultation today with our team of skincare professionals, who are experts in treating scars. We will create a tailor-made skin care plan just for you to treat your scars.