Thread veins, though often misidentified as broken capillaries, are actually veins which have become permanently dilated. As these small veins have very thin walls, these can easily lose elasticity over time, leading to the red and purple look we have all come to associate with thread veins. However, ageing is not the only cause of this unsightly but benign skin concern.

Aside from the natural ageing process, thread veins can also be caused by environmental factors like spending too much time in the sun. Lifestyle choices like smoking can also play a part in their formation as it affects the blood vessels, as does the use of overly harsh skin products, certain medication, and too much time in the sun. Certain medical conditions can also trigger the formation of thread veins, like rosacea, which is why so many people often seek professional treatment for thread veins and rosacea at the same time.

Similarly to thread veins, spider naevi are dilated blood vessels which are accompanied by dilated capillaries, giving them their spidery look and name.

Thread Vein and Spider Naevi Treatment at The Laser Treatment Clinic

The expert team here at the Laser Treatment Clinic uses cutting-edge technology to safely and effectively deal with thread veins and spider naevi. Our skilled skin experts are able to produce permanent results treating both the body and the facial area. With multiple sessions of Intense Pulsed Light Photo-Rejuvenation (IPL), thread veins and spider naevi are eliminated.

IPL works by focusing on the haemoglobin in your blood. The intense light emitted heats up the protein, damaging the walls of the affected veins. This causes them to eventually coagulate and break up. The body then naturally flushes the remained out, and the red appearance caused by thread veins eventually fades to reveal a smooth, even skin tone. As there is no set number of treatments, it is always advised that you have a consultation with one of our skin experts so that they can create a tailored treatment plan to suit your specific needs. The number of treatments you require will vary on not only the location but also the size of your thread veins and spider naevi.

Aftercare is also an important part of treating both thread veins and spider naevi, and you will have to be diligent with your SPF use, in order to protect your skin as it heals.