Tribute tattoos are a risky choice

Posted on 02 May, 2012

Another week, another tribute tattoo; this time, The Saturdays singer Rochelle Wiseman has had a tattoo of her and her fiancé’s initials inked onto her wrist. While this could be seen as a sweet gesture, it is one that has proved more trouble than it is worth for many others.

The trouble with tribute tattoos is that the ink often outlives the relationship it is honouring. Couples may believe they will always be together, but the reality sometimes doesn’t tally with a declaration of eternal love. Many people have ended up with an unwelcome reminder they can’t escape from when a relationship breaks down.

If this has happened to you, there are options available, however. For those who like having a tattoo, just not that one, a cover-up tattoo could be the best option. You just need to make sure that the replacement tattoo has more staying power!

The other option is laser tattoo removal. This involves applying a laser to the tattooed skin, in order to fragment the ink particles. Once they are small enough, the body will remove them from the site and the tattoo fades away.