Mariah Carey has been showing off her new figure recently, following her weight gain during her pregnancy with twins earlier this year. According to her, she achieved her new slim-line figure with a combination of healthy dieting and exercise.

However, the sight of the incredibly toned and unblemished stomach of the new representative for a diet company has sparked questions as to whether the images are airbrushed.

However she has done it, the singer has admitted that it was not easy to regain her figure following the pregnancy, and this is a problem all women face once their child has been born.

Any weight gained during the pregnancy can be lost with determination and focus, but some traces can be harder to erase and can cause just as much upset. Stretch marks are a common result of the skin being stretched beyond its elastic capacities.

And unfortunately, stretch marks can’t just be removed through diet and exercise. The dermal layer of the skin is damaged and scarred, and although the marks may fade from red to silver, they are unlikely to disappear completely.

Stretch mark removal can offer an effective solution that results in improved appearance in the flesh!