Two home remedies to help acne scars

Posted on 18 May, 2011

Acne is the bane of your teenage years. Everyone who has had acne will know the horrors of the dreaded spots don’t end when the spots heal. There are always the scars that follow them, even if you don’t pick at them. If the angry red spot that you see on your face stays there for more than a year, it is termed a ‘scar’.

Below are some home remedies that may help to reduce the red spots, which have the potential to turn into scars.

The ice pack method

One of the most basic methods of cooling down an angry red spot is to use an ice pack. Get a small plastic bag of the zip lock variety and toss in a few ice-cubes. Now hold this against your face for a few seconds at a time, take it off for a few seconds and hold it on again. Take care not to burn the skin with the cold.

Tomato and cucumber method

Another method is to mix together a tomato and cucumber, and apply the paste on the affected region. Tomatoes have antioxidant properties which help to prevent skin damage, while cucumbers are coolants, helping to soothe inflamed skin.

However, if the above home remedies don’t work, and your skin problem is quite bad then you may have to opt for laser acne scar treatment. Laser therapy has time and again delivered proven results when it comes to curing severe spots and pimples.