The latest high-tech lasers are now commonly used to treat several skin problems such as acne, scars, stretch marks and tattoos. So if you want to remove tattoos from your body laser treatment could be the ideal solution for you. This is because it guarantees permanent results without any pain.

How laser tattoo removal treatment works

During the treatment, advanced lasers hit the tattoos and break them into smaller sized pieces which are then removed by the body. The best thing about lasers is that they can penetrate through several layers of skin and directly hit the ink. This is why lasers don’t damage skin cells or tissues at all. This means that lasers can remove tattoos from almost any part of the body.

What affects the tattoo removal procedure?

Several factors such as the size and depth of the tattoos and even the colours used in the tattoos can affect laser tattoo removal.

How to take special care of the skin after treatment

Once the treatment is complete you then need to ensure that the treated skin is covered and protected from direct sunlight. This is because the sunlight can slow down the healing process. You also have to apply subscribed ointments and lotions which are prescribed by the doctor.