Understanding laser stretch mark removal

Posted on 22 Feb, 2011

Laser stretch mark removal is the result of deep research in science and technology. After years of research, cosmetologists have developed a new technique of removing stretch marks. The treatment has gained popularity and most cosmetology clinics are now using laser treatment frequently on patients.

Why the popularity of laser treatment?

Laser treatment for the removal of stretch marks is very effective. It is also safe. During the procedure, only the affected area of skin is treated. Therefore, the surrounding skin is not harmed. The time it takes for laser stretch mark removal is very short. The treatment generally lasts for a period of ten sessions. Each sitting usually lasts for around an hour. However, sometimes touch up sessions may be required.

The procedure of laser stretch mark removal

The doctor will first use a numbing cream onto the area affected with stretch marks. The cosmetologist will then pass beams of light from a laser machine onto the affected skin. These wavelengths of light remove thin layers of skin around the area which has stretch marks. There are different kinds of lasers for scar and stretch mark removal depending on skin type and severity of the stretch marks. The healing period then begins.

The recovery period

Immediately after the laser stretch mark treatment patients generally feel itchiness and witness redness on the skin. This only lasts for a few hours. Doctors generally prescribe skin creams to help in the recovery. Sometimes cosmetologists may prescribe vitamin tablets. Patients have also to take certain precautions after undergoing laser treatment for stretch mark removal.