Understanding Stretch Mark Removal Treatments

Posted on 14 Oct, 2009

Stretch marks can appear on almost any part of the body, particularly when the skin has been stretched due to weight gain. Although stretch marks are not a serious health condition, they can look unsightly and can provoke low body image among sufferers. This is the main reason why stretch mark removal treatments are so popular today.
Stretch marks are most likely to appear around places where fat is stored in the body. This includes the abdomen, upper arms, thighs and buttocks. Stretch marks do not cause any problems to the functioning of the body and their influence is limited to the upper two layers of the skin.
Stretch marks are very common amongst pregnant women, although they can also affect children who gain weight quickly, as well as athletes and bodybuilders who are trying to rapidly increase muscle mass.
Stretch marks can be easily removed with laser and ultrasound treatments. The stretch mark removal process includes exfoliating stretched cells so that healthier cells can replace them. This process encourages the development of new and healthy skin, which completely eradicates stretch marks.
By undergoing stretch mark removal treatment, you will quickly and easily be able to erase stretch marks permanently.