Understanding the tattoo removal process

Posted on 13 Jan, 2010

Many individuals regret their decision to get a tattoo in later life and wish to have it removed. Still others feel they need to get their tattoos removed to be more professional for work. The increase in the number of individuals visiting laser tattoo removal clinics is evidence to its increasing popularity as an option. However, a basic understanding of tattoo removal is a must before actually undergoing this treatment.

Traditional methods of tattoo removal

Tattoo removal used to be done via methods involving the incorporation of creams and gels. However, such creams could not eradicate the tattoos completely. The advancement of modern technology led to the invention of laser tattoo removal.

How tattoo removal works

As the name suggests, laser tattoo removal functions with the help of a laser. Firstly, the laser is set up and an intense pulse of energy enters the skin. The tattoo, which is dark in colour, absorbs heat which results in the fragmentation of the tattoo into small pieces. These pieces are then absorbed into the body within a period of six to seven weeks. The sessions of the tattoo removal process vary on the basis of the size and colour of the tattoo. Following are some of the many benefits of laser tattoo removal:

• Painless method
• Fast removal
• Cost-efficient
• Few side-effects

Tattoo removal via the use of lasers is certainly a viable solution compared to the traditional methods.