US reality star Kailyn Lowry undergoes tattoo removal treatment

Posted on 17 Aug, 2012

According to the celebrity gossip website Celebrity Radar, the US reality TV star Kailyn Lowry has undergone laser tattoo removal treatment to erase an inking that she had done on impulse.

Lowry, who is the star of the hit US reality show Teen Mom 2, has a number of tattoos. However, she appears to have recently realised that only tattoos that are well-thought-out are worth keeping.

She spoke recently about a ‘Pride Over Pity’ tattoo on her shoulder which she erased using laser tattoo removal treatment. She told Celebrity Radar:

“I love the meaning behind it, being that I’m titling my book Pride Over Pity but the tattoo was impulse and I don’t like the positioning of it,”

“Also, there are other people who have since gotten the tattoo which caused it to have less meaning to me.”

Lowry also advised that whilst tattoo removal treatment is available, people should think carefully before getting tattoos in the first place. She tweeted “Think hard before ink” and told the gossip website about her next tattoo:

“While I am in the process of adding more tattoos, they are carefully thought out, and I am sure I DO want them,”