Are you in search of an option to the endless waxing and shaving of unwanted body hair? Do you want to get soft and smooth skin? If yes, you should consider opting for laser hair removal. It is one of the most innovative procedures known to offer long-lasting results.

Unlike other procedures, laser hair removal makes use of a laser beam to target individual hair follicles. After the treatment is successfully completed, you can enjoy smoother skin for a long time to come.

Why patients choose laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a relatively a pain-free procedure. It should be performed by qualified dermatologists. The procedure works to disable the growth of hair follicles from below the skin surface. As the laser hair removal procedure uses concentrated light beams, it is completely safe.

To minimise the pain, the medical practitioner applies a cooling gel on the skin surface. This helps to prevent any side effects or burning sensation on the skin. When the laser light beam is focused on the skin surface, it works instantly to deaden the follicle and slow down the hair growth.

Laser acne treatment works perfectly on patients with dark hair and lighter skin tone. Improvement in science and technology is helping an increasing the number of recipients to get effective results from laser hair removal procedure. Ideally, patients are required to attend 4-6 treatment sessions to completely stop hair growth. Thus, repeat treatments are important to achieve the best results.