Millions of adults and children are affected by acne worldwide. In many cases, victims of acne see no improvement in their condition with the application of topical creams or compliance with other medication.

Even though acne treatments have become more effective over the years, they are unable to address the scarring that occurs as a result of severe attacks of acne. These can affect sufferers emotionally as well as physically.

Successful laser treatment

However, laser acne treatment is capable of solving the acne problems of people of all ages, both on acute matters and in terms of scarring. Lasers are capable of killing the bacteria that causes acne. They can also be used to break down scarring, encouraging skin re-growth by stimulating the production of collagen.

A quick and safe process

The laser treatment of acne is a speedy process, although larger areas of skin clearly require longer sessions. The treatment is completely safe and will not leave any visible marks on your skin.

Individually-tailored therapy

Of course, each patient has completely individual needs, so the laser treatment will tailored to each specific case. Experienced dermatologists are on hand to advise patients regarding very step of their treatment.