Using laser skin treatment to take care of sun damaged skin

Posted on 05 Nov, 2009

A light tan on your skin can look really attractive. It can make your skin glow and may even accentuate your features and looks. However, if you worship the sun too much, it is not healthy and you may begin to suffer from skin damage. The best way for a person to get sun damaged skin treated is by taking advantage of laser skin treatment. Laser skin treatment gives you that smooth, clear youthful-looking skin.

The damage caused to the skin by the sun:
Skin is easily damaged by the sun but a good way to get rid of sun-damaged spots is by using laser treatment. The damage to the skin is below the top layers of skin and cannot be cured with the help of skin creams. No amount of skin creams can help you to get rid of the damage done by the sun. Things such as skin spots, age spots, patches and freckles are caused due to the increase in the production of melanin in the body. This is due to prolonged exposure to the sun. But laser treatment can help to reduce the effects of skin damage.

The best treatment for sun-damaged skin:
The treatment involves applying a cold gel to the area that is to be treated. A sapphire crystal waveguide is then applied to the skin and later pulses of light are applied. It takes about 5 to 20 minutes to complete the whole procedure. In this way, you can enjoy your smooth, clear and youthful-looking skin.