Valentine’s tattoo mistakes

Posted on 27 Feb, 2012

Valentine’s Day is one of those celebrations that you either love or hate, but many couples find that this day acts as a catalyst that ends up with them making some big gesture to their other half…

Marriage proposals, declarations of love, matching tattoos… Getting a tattoo dedicated to your partner may seem like a grand and romantic gesture when you have it done, but these tattoos are unfortunately the most likely to cause tattoo regret.

Tattoos are designed to stay permanently trapped between the layers of skin, and some relationships simply are not destined to last as long as this! And once a relationship fails, such a tattoo can become a source of embarrassment as well as being a permanent reminder of what went wrong.

In these cases, there are two options available: a cover-up tattoo or tattoo removal. Getting a second tattoo to cover the first can work well, although the new design will have to be larger and cleverly conceived to effectively conceal the offending tattoo.

Tattoo removal using lasers to fragment the ink particles is undoubtedly the most effective way to remove a tattoo. Results are accumulative and the results can depend on the type of tattoo and the colours used.