Was your body beach-ready?

Posted on 27 Aug, 2011

So, the summer holiday season is coming to an end, unless you are lucky enough to be planning a getaway to the sun in September. For many of us, the prospect of baring nearly all on the beach or by the pool is quite simply terrifying. If you struggled to relax in bikini or swimsuit this year, then why not start thinking about how it could be better next time?

• Review your skincare routine. Do you take enough care of your skin? Try and plan some regular pamper time and keep it up, particularly through the winter months when skin can suffer from the effects of central heating and being hidden away under layers of clothing. Exfoliate with our Profile Body Peel and moisturise frequently with Profile Body Hydroskin. If you manage to stick to your routine, your skin will look and feel beautiful all year round.

• Deal with imperfections that worry you. Join a gym or start swimming, to improve your health and your figure. Stretch marks can be minimised with Rose E Derma Repair or you could opt for laser stretch mark removal if they really bother you.

• Start laser hair removal now for the longest-lasting hair removal treatment available.