What are red birthmarks and what can you do about them?

Posted on 19 Sep, 2011

Red birthmarks are also known as vascular birthmarks and they usually form before or shortly after birth. They are essentially an abnormal formation of blood vessels close to the surface of the skin, and this is what gives them their bright blood-red colour. They are usually benign and cause only cosmetic problems, but this is not always the case.

Some red birthmarks are on the surface of the skin only and cause no medical complications. Strawberry marks and stork bites do usually fade away themselves eventually, although this may not be before a child starts school. Port wine stains are usually permanent and will need some sort of camouflage technique or birthmark removal if it is noticeable.

Some port wine stains can cover over half the body, although most are much smaller. They can cause significant emotional stress to those who have them. People can react very badly to having a noticeable mark on their face, and can find interaction with others difficult, which is particularly worrying for a school-age child.

Red birthmark removal can improve the appearance of a port wine stain or red birthmark by targeting the blood vessels that cause it. With repeated sessions, birthmarks fade away, leaving clearer skin in its place.