Acne can affect people of all ages and backgrounds, and can be attributed to various possible causes. While we cannot always be certain about what has caused an outbreak in a particular individual, we can be sure that left untreated, the acne can become an affliction that can have devastating consequences on somebody’s self-esteem.

The onset of acne is usually associated with puberty, as this is a time when hormonal changes are taking place. The increased levels of testosterone in both girls and boys can result in excess sebum production. This can block hair follicles, and the resulting congestion can result in spots. If bacteria on the skin multiply, infection and inflammation can occur.

Women can be more prone to acne caused by hormonal imbalance, as they undergo hormonal changes at various stages of their lives: adolescence, pregnancy and the menopause can all cause outbreaks.

While some hormonal treatments such as androgen receptor blockers can reduce the severity of the acne, there are other options available. Acne treatment using Advanced Intense Pulsed Light targets the bacteria that creates the blemishes while also stimulating the skin’s natural healing process. For those suffering from acne, the most important thing is to address the problem swiftly using a treatment that works for them.