Hirsutism is not dangerous, although it can be a symptom of an underlying health problem. Many women suffer from it to a certain degree, and it tends to increase as women get older. So, what causes the excessive body and facial hair growth in women?

• It can be an inherited problem. Testosterone can cause vellus hairs to become terminal hairs, and an inherited increased sensitivity to the male hormone can cause hairs to darken and thicken.

• Polycystic ovaries. Tiny cysts develop on the ovaries, causing problems that can include acne, irregular periods, obesity and hirsutism.

• Excessive male hormones. If a woman begins to produce an excessive amount of androgens or male hormones, then vellus hairs can become terminal hairs, and the hair growth pattern can change.

• A minority of women may experience problems if their body is not producing enough cortisol. Increased amounts of androgens are produced to compensate, causing excessive hair growth.

• Some drugs can also result in excessive hair growth.

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