What Causes Thread Veins?

Posted on 18 Aug, 2023

Here at The Laser Treatment Clinic, we specialise in treating a wide range of skin concerns and issues. One of these issues are known as thread veins. Thread veins, also known as varicose veins are tiny thin red/purple blood vessels that show up close to the surface of the skin. They often appear as tiny lines that are most commonly found on the legs, but can appear on other parts of the body too such as the face. Thread veins are completely harmless as they do not cause any pain or discomfort, but many people experience self consciousness when it comes to them. 

In this blog post, we will be discussing the several factors that can contribute to the development of thread veins, as well as how we can help treat them. Thread veins are nothing to be ashamed of, but we understand the need for self confidence. 

The main causes of thread veins 

There are several things that could cause or contribute to the cause of thread veins. Below are a few reasons to help you best understand how thread veins develop. 

Prolonged standing or sitting still 

One of the most common causes of thread veins is through sitting or standing for extended periods of time. If you’re always on your feet and find yourself standing up for too long, or similarly if you’re constantly sat down at your desk at work, this could contribute to the development of thread veins. This is because constant standing or sitting can put a lot of stress on the blood vessels in your legs especially, which can cause thread veins to occur. 

Hormonal changes 

Another factor to take into consideration are hormonal changes. During puberty, pregnancy, or menopause, the fluctuations in hormones can have some adverse effects on the body. One of which is these hormones affecting the fascist of blood vessels. Disruption to blood vessels can damage them and cause them to become more visible, thus causing thread veins. 

Injuries causing trauma

Injuries to the skin can cause damage to the underlying blood vessels. For example, bruising or trauma can cause blood vessels to become more visible, which results in the development of thread veins. 

How can we treat thread veins? 

Our team of skin care professionals can effectively reduce the appearance of your thread veins in a number of ways. Our non-invasive thread vein removal treatments are highly effective and very safe. Our treatment options include intense pulsed light skin rejuvenation, intense pulsed light vascular rejuvenation, and vascular laser treatment. For more information about thread vein removal feel free to contact our team. Additionally you can book your free consultation too.