Thread veins are those tiny red or blue lines you can see through the surface of the skin, most often either on the face or the legs. They are very common, but what exactly causes them?

• Hormonal changes – puberty, pregnancy and the menopause can see an increase in the number of thread veins

• Pregnancy – as well as changes to levels of hormones, the amount of blood can increase during pregnancy, putting greater pressure on blood vessels and causing them to dilate

• Exposure to sunlight

• Ageing – vessels can weaken and dilate, causing blood to back up into the vessels and become visible

• Family – people who have a family history of thread veins seem to be more likely to develop them

• Obesity – being overweight can put the body under the same kind of pressure as during pregnancy, and vessels can dilate and become visible through the skin

• Immobility – unfortunately for those of us who do a desk job, sitting or standing for long periods of time can lead to thread veins developing.

Thread veins are an unfortunate fact of life, but thread vein removal treatment can effectively prevent the vessels from showing through the skin and affecting your confidence.