What happens in laser tattoo removal?

Posted on 26 Dec, 2009

Each tattoo is unique and different in style and constituents. The laser removal techniques are tailored to suit each individual case. Tattoos can be removed by using many techniques but in several cases, people are left with awful scars. Laser treatment does not leave any scars or marks on the body.

People who have been previously treated for a tattoo can also be treated with laser again. The home remedies used to remove tattoos may actually work well in conjunction with laser therapy only if previous results did not result in excessive scars.

Expectations from the laser tattoo removal

The number of treatments required depends on the size and colour of the tattoo. If the tattoo is very small, you might only need a single session. The tattoos may be removed in just about two to three visits or maybe more depending on the size and colour.

Laser tattoo removal varies for each person. Tattoos can be done by either amateurs or professionals. The tattoo also sets deep inside the skin of the person and the colour of the skin will affect the procedure.

Some things that happen during laser treatment:

  • The protective eye shields/glasses are placed on patients eyes. This is so that your eyes do not get affected by the laser.
  • The skin’s reaction to the laser is tested before treatment.
  • The laser gives pulses that are described like snaps of a rubber band on the skin.
  • The smaller tattoos will need fewer pulses than the bigger ones. The treatment is aided with the application of a cooling gel.

The laser tattoo removal method is the most effective way to get rid of tattoos in the 21st century.