What is Derma White Treatment? A Gentle & Effective Treatment

Derma White Treatment offers a natural and gentle alternative to popular facials such as chemical peels and dermaplaning treatments. Unlike other skin treatments on the market, The Derma White Treatment is a safe procedure for all skin types. It clears, brightens and lightens the affected area to gain the desired outcome and lasting results. The treatment involves a similar method of peeling. However, it uses herbal and natural products aimed at skin conditions and problem areas. Such as Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH), Melasma, Acne, large pores, Sebum Cysts, scars, sun-damaged skin and ageing skin. This treatment is exclusively offered by The Laser Treatment Clinic, where your personal skin goals will be considered throughout consultation and treatment.

Who Can Receive Treatment?

Anyone can receive the Derma White Treatment, however this is more popular with Asian and black African skin concerns. This treatment can be applied to any area of the face or body, including bikini area, underarms, hands and feet, to achieve a healthier and clearer appearance on the skin.

The Process

In order to receive this treatment you will first need a consultation with one of our friendly and professional skin experts, exclusively at our Harley Street clinic. Our staff have over 18 years of experience in the evaluation, understanding and treatment of a variety of skin types and tones.

The process of The Derma White Treatment is simple, yet effective and takes only 15 minutes per treatment. However, we recommend multiple treatments for maximum results. The treatment then consists of a blended mixture of specially selected herbs containing enzymes, minerals and vitamins, which are massaged into the skin. This involves no invasive treatment or pain.


The aftercare of Derma White Treatment is easy and painless. As part of the package, you will receive a Derma White homecare kit. Which Includes products that nourish the susceptible new skin. Some skin peeling may occur around affected areas, where skin is rejuvenated and healed as a result of the treatment. This may occur 4-5 days following treatment and varies from person to person. You should follow your practitioner recommended daily home care routine. We recommend you use SPF 30 daily to help protect your new skin. For faster results you may start exfoliating a few times a week, 2 weeks after the treatment and continue using the recommended daily skin care products for optimum results.

Results vary depending on skin types, texture, aftercare, diet and lifestyle, but overall you will receive a natural glow to your skin, which will leave you feeling refreshed, bright and rejuvenated.

Enquire today to begin your journey to healthy, clear and more even skin.