Intense Pulsed Light produces a very focussed and intense broad-spectrum light. It is applied to the skin via a hand-held device and penetrates the superficial layers of skin, where the light energy is converted to heat energy.

As the light is pulsed, the skin is only exposed to it for very short periods of time, making it safe for the skin tissue surrounding the area to be treated.

Intense Pulsed Light can be used for a variety of treatments:

• Permanent hair reduction
• Broken capillaries and thread veins
• Birthmark removal – both vascular and pigmented
• Hyperpigmentation – age spots etc.
• Sun damage

It uses the pigmentation of the lesion or hair for a highly focussed form of treatment. Hair and hyperpigmented areas of skin contain more melanin than the surrounding skin, which absorbs the intense light more quickly and heats up. In thread veins, the haemoglobin absorbs the light and causes the blood to increase in temperature.

Once temperatures reach a certain level, pigmentation begins to break down, while cells lining blood vessels or hair follicles are denatured, causing the veins or follicles to collapse. The principle is simple but effective and can produce excellent results quickly and safely.