Laser tattoo removal treatments are used to erase tattoos. It is a myth that tattoos must stay with you until you die. This was the case but it is no longer true. With the introduction of laser tattoo treatments, removing your permanent tattoos is now an easy process.

How does this treatment work?

The response to the laser treatment depends on the quality of the ink used. The single coloured tattoos are the easiest ones to treat. They disappear completely leaving few or no traces at all. Multi-coloured tattoos are of superior quality and are more difficult to erase completely. In this treatment, a laser beam is used to break down the ink particles.

All that you should know about the treatment

The number of sessions needed to completely remove the tattoo may vary according to its size. It also depends on the quality of the ink used and when the tattoo was made. Depending on these factors, one may need roughly from five to 15 sessions. The cost of this treatment also depends on the same factors.

There are many people who opt for a tattoo but then get bored of it or want to have a new tattoo but cannot have one as space is already occupied by the old one. In these cases, laser treatment is an option you should definitely try.