What Is The Process of Laser Hair Removal

Posted on 10 Aug, 2015


Hardly a day goes by without someone contacting us to ask how Laser Hair Removal works, and what having this treatment is like. It’s understandable. Before you agree to invest in treatments, you want to have a better idea of what the experience will be like. What Is The Process of Laser Hair Removal

How long does it take? How does it work? Is it more effective for certain types of people? These are just some of the main concerns which people have when approaching treatment – so we decided to make a general guide to the process of laser hair removal. Read on for answers to those queries, and more…

How it works: At the Laser Treatment Clinic, we’ve worked to develop an effective, safe and largely pain-free technology which gives you the best possible results.

To ensure that your treatment will be as effective and thorough as possible, we offer a free consultation first to examine which of our lasers will be right for your complexion and your affected areas. We will also tell you honestly whether you are a good candidate for this treatment, as certain hair colours are much more difficult to successfully treat than others.

Once you and your consultant are happy that Laser Hair Treatment is for you, we’ll give you a pair of specially designed goggles to ensure that your eyes won’t suffer any damage or strain from the lasers. Then, we apply a cooling gel to the affected areas, to help minimise any discomfort once the lasers are working on your skin.

Our lasers are specifically tailored to your skin type (shorter lasers for fairer skin, longer ones for darker complexions), and use pulses of light with a sapphire crystal to guarantee absolute precision.

On the areas which are being treated, we also recommend that for the most effective results, you also shave, trim and in rare cases may allow you to use timely depilatory cream. This will allow our specialised lasers to get into and work on the hair follicles more easily.

During your treatment period, do not pluck, thread or wax your hairs. Doing so would interfere with the follicles that we are attempting to treat.

How long will the treatment take?
The answer to this one depends on how much hair you have, and gender does play a part. Whilst upper lip hair removal for women may take only a few minutes, shaving a typical male back can take up to an hour!

You may not see results on the first day as you would with waxing, but you can certainly expect to see the hairs clearing over the course of further treatments with more permanent results. The frequency of treatments is typically every 4 to 6 weeks, though we can try to fit the number and frequency of the treatments around your schedule and budget.

Will the Hair Return?
Due to the very nature of hair, and for the length of time ‘laser treatments’ have been around it’s impossible to say categorically that all the hair will be gone ‘forever’. However, our results and customer reviews speak for themselves. Many of our customers have spoken of their delight at all the hair they wanted removed having disappeared and remained that way. In fact we have not had one client back from when we first started offering the Laser hair removal treatment 15 years ago. The results speak for themselves!

What we can promise is that our expertly skilled staff with our 15 years of experience behind them, will give you the best possible chance of your removed hair staying gone for good.

Is It Painful?
The technology used by some companies is less advanced, meaning that their customers can suffer pain during treatment sessions.

Here at the Laser Treatment Clinic, our technology is optimised to make certain that slight discomfort is the worst you’re going to experience. In many cases, our patients experience no physical sensations other than tingling on the treated areas.

During any hair removal treatment, the skin may appear red or somewhat swollen during the following day, but those effects will be significantly or entirely gone within 24 hours and may simply be cosmetic as opposed to sore or achy. We do, however, recommend you don’t tan and do use sunscreen of 40+ SPF before and after treatments to lessen or prevent any swelling or colouring of the skin altogether.

Is the Process Worth it for Me?
Factors like age, gender and ethnicity will not directly affect the viability of hair removal treatment for anyone. Although hair on Caucasian and Mediterranean skin tones is easier to remove than hair from darker toned Asian or Afro-Caribbean candidates, all this means is that individuals of the latter ethnic groups may require slightly more treatments before their desired result is reached. And mostly all parts of the face and body can be treated safely and effectively.

Hair colour, however, is an important factor. If you have medium brown, dark brown hair or black hair then laser hair removal is ensured to have positive results, whereas we are more cautious about recommending Laser Hair Removal to treatment candidates with blonde, red or grey hair – due to the difficulties in treating hair which is low in melanin.

We hope that answers most of your questions and calms your concerns about Laser Hair Removal treatment. To find out more, or to book your free consultation, contact us  today.