What is the Quickest Form of Acne Treatment

Posted on 07 Oct, 2015

Acne is a common skin condition affecting many people. It is caused by bacteria and typified by spots on the skin – usually on the face, but also commonly affecting the back and chest. These can be mild but are often red, inflamed and puss-filled – seriously impacting the sufferer’s quality-of-life and confidence. Severe acne, left untreated, can lead to permanent scarring. So What is the Quickest Form of Acne Treatment

Common Acne Treatments

Acne isn’t just a few ‘zits’– it can be a distressing condition, which should be treated correctly to avoid skin damage. It’s important to keep the skin clean, using a mild, non-comedogenic moisturiser so as not to clog pores and cause spots.

Acne can’t be ‘cured’ as such but itcan be controlled, and there are many topically-applied options available at chemists. Efficacy varies tremendously – most take at least three months to show results, and it may come down to trial-and-error to find which one works for you. A pharmacist will advise and will usually recommend one containing benzoyl peroxide and in extreme cases a doctor may prescribe something stronger.

Sunlight can help too, and research into the beneficial effects of UV light has prompted research into using light as a treatment and the introduction of specialist ‘acne lights’. Again, these aren’t quick-fix and over-the-counter lights are unlikely to be completely effective. However, they could be worth a try for mild-to-moderate cases.

Specialist Treatment For Acne

The Laser Treatment Clinic offer cutting-edge, industry-leading Intense Pulsed Light Laser with Marine Fluid acne treatment– this has been found to work well in a fraction of the time it takes for antibiotics to work and with dramatic results after the first few treatments. First, the skin is prepared with Marine Fluid skincare before laser treatment – this encourages skin rejuvenation by accelerating micro-circulation, thus raising the active metabolism of skin cells. Broad-spectrum light from a sapphire crystal wavelength is applied to the skin’s surface and the energy travels harmlessly through the epidermis and dermis until it strikes and destroys the bacteria, without damaging the skin.

To maximise results and care for the skin between treatments, we can even supply Marine Fluid Shine Free, a specifically-formulated fluid for acne-prone skin. Ultra-light and easily-absorbed, it helps restore balance and oil-control while allowing skin to breathe, fighting blemishes, refining pores and encouraging firmness and smoothness.

Check out some of our client testimonials to see the effectiveness for yourself.