A new limited-edition Barbie has been designed with the aim of bringing her up to date. The result is a Barbie doll with a pink bob, leopard print leggings, sparkly stilettoes and manga tattoos across her arm, chest and neck.

While there have been two previous ‘tattoo’ Barbie dolls, sold with tattoo stickers, this doll seems to be portraying an all-together more grown-up image, and this time, the tattoos are permanent.

Reactions to the dolls have been mixed. Some parents are worried that this doll will further popularise body art amongst even younger girls, making extensive tattoos desirable without explaining what they are and what the consequences of an ill-advised tattoo can be.

Other parents feel that this new doll better reflects the trends and values of today and that society should stop getting so irate over tattoos.

Whether you feel dolls like this are harmless or toxic for young girls today, it is important that tattoo is undertaken with full knowledge of what it involves. It is also important to understand which steps will need to be taken if the tattoo is no longer wanted at a later stage.

Laser tattoo removal is possible and can yield fantastic results. The treatment is accumulative, however, and one session will not remove the ink. Some designs and colours are also more difficult to eliminate and yield differing results.