What to do to get rid of stretch marks forever

Posted on 18 Apr, 2011

Stretch marks are usually caused by the fast expansion of skin during excess weight gain or pregnancy. They can be very difficult to remove through conventional methods.

In the last decade or so, laser treatments have become a great solution for stretch mark removal. However, getting all the information possible before you decide to get the treatment done is always a good idea. Here is a glimpse into laser treatment for stretch mark removal.

How laser treatment works

The treatments used to get rid of stretch marks are microdermabrasion, laser therapy and ultrasound treatment. These treatments bring about the exfoliation and rejuvenation of the skin. The use of laser on the skin promotes the skin-renewal process and the secretion of collagen. New collagen creates skin that is not just smooth but also healthy, as well as acting as a filling agent for the stretch marks in order to reduce their appearance.

Is laser treatment better than conventional treatments?

Conventional stretch mark removal methods make use of gels and creams. This kind of treatment can be a slow process. It can take up weeks or even months before the person can see any visible results. On the other hand, laser treatment produces good results in just three treatment sessions. However, it does depend on the severity of the stretch marks. It can take up to ten treatments for them to disappear completely.