It all sounds so tempting: imagine waking up in the morning with immaculate make-up on your face rather than smudged all over your pillow; no more fiddly eyebrow shaping and no more time wasted trying to get your eyeliner symmetrical…

In theory, you would think that permanent make-up would allow you to create the features of your choice (eyebrows like Megan Fox, sultry eyes like Brigitte Bardot), but unless you are very careful, you could end up with a look that makes you want to wear a paper bag over your head rather than face the world.

For, semi-permanent make-up is a tricky affair that demands a great deal of skill and expertise; get it wrong and you could end up with a very funny expression on your face regardless of your mood. You need to be careful when choosing a practitioner and make sure they are up to the job.

If despite your best efforts it all goes wrong and you are not happy with the results, then you may want to consider laser tattoo removal rather than hide out in your bedroom until the tattoo fades away.