What to do with tattoo mistakes

Posted on 17 Aug, 2011

Everyone makes mistakes. Unfortunately, if that mistake involves having a tattoo, then it can feel like you have a permanent reminder of a moment of madness or simply of a time in your life that is over.

Take Peter Andre and Katie Price for example. During their ill-fated marriage, they decided to have tattoos of each other’s names. She went for a tattoo on her wrist, while André chose to have her name tattooed on his wedding finger.

Just weeks after the relationship ended, Price decided to remove her former husband’s name from her wrist by having it covered by another tattoo. He decided to undergo laser treatment to remove the tattoo and allow him to move on and make a fresh start.

Tattoo removal using lasers is a safe and effective treatment that breaks up the pigment within the layers of skin. The ink particles are reduced to a size small enough for the body to absorb and disperse.

It was reported that Peter André had three sessions of laser tattoo removal treatment to remove the offending design. He was seen sporting a plaster on the treated finger, as the laser treatment can cause temporary inflammation and redness.