What to expect from laser stretch mark removal

Posted on 29 Apr, 2010

Today’s market is full of stretch mark removal creams and lotions. However, these products often fail to give satisfactory results to users. These days, laser stretch mark removal is in great demand due to its wonderful benefits. It is an ideal option for fading stretch marks in just a few sessions. Laser stretch mark removal treats all kinds and sizes of stretch marks.

Laser stretch mark removal not only eliminates stretch marks but also offers healthier-looking skin.

Some of the benefits of laser stretch mark removal treatment:

1) It is a quick procedure. There is no need to be hospitalised before or after the treatment
2) Minimal side effects
3) Quick results
4) Cost-effective
5) Offers beautiful, smooth skin


A lotion is applied to the skin before the process begins. After this step, a laser is focused on the area in order to break down the skin tissue. Cell regeneration can then start. These skin cells grow back much stronger and healthier.

The time to complete laser stretch mark removal treatment depends on the area to be treated.

With so many benefits, laser treatment has become the most popular solution for eradicating stretch marks.