What To Expect From Laser Tattoo Removal

Posted on 25 Aug, 2017

If you’re finally making the decision to get that tattoo you’ve had for years now removed and you have a few fears about the procedure, then it’s best to be fully prepared.

Whether you’re unsure about the pain of laser removal or not sure what to do after the procedure then these tips from The Laser Treatment Clinic will ease some of those concerns.


The first point to be prepared for is to set your expectations before the procedure, during your consultation it’s best to understand how your skin will look after the treatments. As depending on the tattoos colours, size and location there’ll be varying results.

Along with that remember that the treatment can be uncomfortable for some. Before the tattoo removal treatment, you could apply some ice to the location to slightly numb, based on your past experience with getting a tattoo.

Remember that depending on the tattoo that you will require multiple treatments for the tattoo to fully fade. Speak with the laser consultant administering the treatment about any future appointments.

How It Works

The procedure itself involves a high-intensity light beam that breaks up the pigment colours in the ink in your tattoo. By penetrating the skin, it breaks up the ink particles, making the tattoo fade. The body’s immune system then removes the smaller, broken up particles over time. The laser itself is harmless to the surrounding skin as it only targets the pigmented skin.

If you have a black tattoo then it’s much easier for the beam to get rid of the tattoo as black tattoo pigment absorbs all laser wavelengths. Meaning you’ll need far fewer procedures to see the tattoo fully fade away. Tattoos with other colours will require specifically selected lasers to deal with the pigment.

The size and location of the tattoo are taken into account too, with more treatments needed for a larger tattoo. Lighter skin is more suited to laser tattoo removal treatment. The tattoo will usually clear quicker the lighter the skin tone due to the higher levels that can be administered on this skin tone.

After The Procedure

There are a few common side effects after every tattoo removal treatment that many people may go through. These are completely normal concerns and so there’s no need to worry. Side effects such as swelling, which can spread beyond the lasered area but can be reduced by keeping the affected area raised and resting. Redness and Itchiness can occur but it’s vital that you resist the urge to scratch it however difficult that may be as this can cause scarring. However, you will receive a test patch prior to the treatment to check your skin suitability to the laser treatment,

These are just a few things to expect from tattoo removal. Get in touch today for a FREE consultation and see what The Laser Treatment Clinic can do for you!