Thread veins are a very common affliction, with most people developing the tiny red or blue veins at some point and on some part of the body. This, however, provides little comfort to those who do have them, and can find them deeply embarrassing.

Although some causes could be managed to try and prevent any more from forming, others, such as hormonal changes, are beyond the individual’s control.

All you can do is to try and improve or lessen the appearance of those that you do have. If you just have the odd, tiny vein that isn’t too noticeable, then you can try to hide it using a good concealer. If, however, you have tried and failed to keep them hidden, you’ll need a more effective thread vein removal treatment.

Laser thread vein removal is by far the most effective way to tackle your thread veins. The laser targets the veins, and the haemoglobin within the vessels absorbs the light and begins to heat up. The blood continues to heat until it reaches a point that causes the vessel walls to denature and collapse, rendering the vessel useless.

With the offending vessels no longer functioning, the blue or red colour visible on the surface of the skin is eliminated, leaving you thread vein free!