Many people choose to have their tattoos removed because their tastes have changed, they have a new job or they simply changed their minds. Laser treatment makes tattoo removal much easier and faster, as well as being safer and much more effective than any other method.

It is normal to have a lot of questions before undergoing any sort of laser treatment procedure, and many people want to know about what happens after the treatment is concluded. The following is a glimpse into what you can expect following your treatment…

Once the laser has been applied to the skin, it is normal to notice an immediate whitening or greyish appearance to the affected area, with the surface of the skin having a slightly grazed appearance. This shouldn’t last more than a few minutes before disappearing, as it is caused by the release of microscopic steam bubbles into the skin.

You may also notice a little bleeding, in pinpricks on the skin. This can be easily managed with a paraffin jelly product that will be applied by the laser treatment clinic.

Details of other things you may encounter following laser tattoo removal treatment will be covered in part 2 of this guide.