It is important to be fully prepared with all the facts before undergoing any kind of laser treatment procedure. This will allow you to know what to expect, so you can be reassured that your experience is normal.

We have already looked at the immediate effects of laser tattoo removal treatment in pt.1 of this guide, which occur in the minutes after the laser has been applied to the skin. Let’s take a look at a few more…

Some effects that may cause you slight discomfort following your treatment are swelling, inflammation or redness of the skin, which could last several hours but can be managed using aloe vera gel and an ice pack.

One final thing to remember is not to expose the treated area of skin to the sun in the hours following your procedure. Keep the area out of the sun, cover up or wear a high factor sun cream (the clinic should also advise you of this and offer a suitable sunscreen product for you to wear).

If you have any other problems or questions following your treatment, you should consult the clinic or your doctor.