Stretch mark removal therapy is a very common process that helps to clear marks that can make the skin look unattractive and old. There are different kinds of stretch mark removal procedures that have been made available to people today. However, before opting for any stretch mark removal process, it is important that you know about the condition so that you can deal with it efficiently.

Causes of stretch marks
– Pregnancy is the main cause for stretch marks; however, it can also be caused by any form of weight fluctuation. Marks affect areas whose elasticity cannot cope with stretching.

How stretch marks form – Stretch marks are the lines that appear due to breaking of the skin’s elastic fibres. Capillaries are also ruptured when the skin is stretched. These capillaries first give the line a red colour which then fades with time leaving it white.

Stretch mark removal methods
– There are different kinds of stretch mark removal methods. Laser treatment, where the external layers of skin cells are removed, is one of the most effective methods. Another method is skin softening, which includes giving the skin vitamins and nutrients.

Laser treatment is the most effective method because it involves removing the scar and encouraging new skin growth.