Apparently, Kim Kardashian is considering getting a tattoo in honour of her relationship with Kanye West. Even if you don’t know who either of these two is the example still illustrates the growing trend for couples to demonstrate their undying love for each other by having matching tattoos.

And despite the fact that the majority of people who choose to have this kind of tattoo find out too late that love is rarely undying, still, we seem to feel the need to go ahead and do it anyway. That this reality TV star should go and do it so soon after her spectacularly short-lived marriage to a basketball player is surprising.

Tattoos generally outlive the commitment to the relationship they are supposed to demonstrate; and when the dust has settled and the tears have dried, the offending tattoo is still there. For some, this isn’t a problem, while for others it can be a constant reminder of a failed relationship and the subsequent break-up.

Future partners may also not be so keen on seeing a reference to a past lover permanently etched onto some body part… When this happens, the tattoo can be harder to get rid of than the other half, depending on its size and complexity, of course, making laser tattoo removal the only real option.