This is possibly one of the strongest reasons for wanting to get rid of a tattoo: when the relationship is still going strong, the idea of a permanent display of the bond may seem like a good idea… But when things come to an end, you may be stuck with an unwanted reminder of a failed relationship.

It may also be a visible reminder that can cause distress or embarrassment. There are many examples of celebrities who have has the name of their other half tattooed onto various body parts, only to cover them up or have them removed when the relationship failed.

Luckily, laser tattoo removal has proved to be an effective way to cause tattoos to fade and eventually disappear, although the results are by no means immediate. The ink that is trapped within the layers of skin cannot be broken down by the body.

The laser works by breaking the pigments in the ink into smaller particles that the body is able to deal with. Lasers seem to be most effective when used on black tattoos. Coloured inks can prove to be more resistant, with green and yellow being the most resistant to treatment.