Whether you are going abroad this summer or staying in the UK, there’s every chance that you will have the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine. All sorts of activities allow you to get out there and have fun in the sun, although most people associate the summer holidays with relaxing on the beach or around the swimming pool at a nice, comfortable resort.

Of course, this can be something of a daunting prospect if you have any active skin problems or signs of historical skin damage. It’s lovely to be able to your swimsuit on and get a tan – provided you do so safely by applying sun lotion liberally and avoiding the midday sun – but when you are very aware of imperfections it can be hard to get past the psychological barriers to stripping off in summer.

There are plenty of imperfections in the skin that are just cosmetic and that pose no danger to your health, but that nonetheless cause a certain amount of emotional distress and prevent you from enjoying the summer. Consider the following, for instance:

Acne scars

Severe breakouts of acne often leave behind scarring. Even when the sufferer no longer experiences breakouts, the signs may remain. These are often shade darker than the undamaged skin tissue around them making them noticeable to the eye.

Stretch marks

Stretch marks occur when the skin is stretched to the limit of its elasticity. This can happen when you gain and lose weight. It is common during pregnancy or when people undergo particularly intensive bodybuilding programmes. However, it happens in unexceptional circumstances too. When they are new, stretch marks tend to be deep red but they often fade to silver over time.

Pigmentation and sun damage

Pigmentation problems are often a sign of sun damage. When people notice patches of skin that are darker than the rest of their skin they can become very self-conscious about their physical appearance.

Dull skin

Skin can lose its character over time due to lifestyle and aging. This is something that can affect your self-esteem, especially in the summer months when there is so much greater temptation to wear less substantial items of clothing and when swimming and sunbathing become more regular activities.

Overcoming the issues

Most of these conditions are permanent and can only be treated using non-invasive treatments such as laser technology. This is because the actual character of the skin has been changed and the body’s natural processes will not reverse what has already taken place. Instead, laser technology can be used to rejuvenate the skin completely.

Laser skin treatment targets the problem at hand – the scar tissue in acne scars and stretch marks, the pigmented tissue, the aging skin tissue or that damaged by the sun – and works minutely to address it. Promoting the growth of new, healthy skin tissue in place of scars and so on is crucial to revitalising the complexion and giving it a younger, brighter appearance.

Of course, belying that healthier appearance is a restoration of the skin’s original healthy character. The skin looks supple and elastic because it is supple and elastic – the way laser skin therapy encourages collagen development is the key to taking care of this process.

Those who don’t look forward to the prospect of stripping off in the summer are given new confidence when their skin is treated and restored by a team of professional laser practitioners delivering bespoke treatment programmes.