Where on the body can laser hair removal treatment be used?

Posted on 15 Jul, 2012

When most people think of laser hair removal, they tend to think of it being used on areas such as the legs, underarms and bikini line. However, these aren’t the only places laser hair removal treatment can be used. In fact, you can use it on virtually any part of the body.

Let’s take a look at a few of the most common areas of the body that men and women tend to go to laser hair removal London clinics for:


• Legs
• Bikini line and pubic areas
• Underarms
• Chin
• Upper lip
• ‘Sideburns’
• Tops of the feet and toes
• Between the brows
• Areola
• Around the navel


• Shoulders
• Back
• Pubic areas and buttocks
• Chest
• Hands and feet
• Between the brows

People in certain professions may also benefit from laser hair removal treatment more than others. For example, models, swimmers and cyclists may choose laser hair removal rather than waste time and money on regular hair removal methods.

If you are considering laser hair removal, make sure you speak to a specialist. This treatment is more effective on certain skin and hair types, resulting in fewer sessions and more noticeable results.