Tattoos can be an integral and treasured part of someone’s identity. They can be considered as works of art or deeply representative of someone’s personality.

Sometimes, however, tattoos become something to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. Here is our list of potential candidates for tattoo removal:

• Reminders of former relationships. It may seem like a great idea when the relationship is going well, but if things come to an end, a tattoo may be a very unwelcome reminder that is difficult to disguise.

• Signs of dubious affiliations. If you wear your heart on your sleeve or your beliefs on your skin, others will base part of their judgement of you on that tattoo. If your tattoo represents questionable or controversial opinions, you could have problems getting a job, for example.

• Ones that can’t be hidden. If you have a tattoo done somewhere that allows you to be discreet and cover it up if necessary, then you probably won’t have this problem. Visible tattoos on hands, lower arms, the neck or the face could be problematic (see above).

• The result of a dare. This may seem like an obvious point to make, but many people do get tattoos on the spur of the moment, while under the influence, or as the result of a dare.