Whether you are male or female, you may have excess body hair that you are keen to remove. But which hair removal method would be the best for you? You may even find that different methods suit different areas best.

Consider how visible the area is and how important it is to keep it hair-free. Whereas it is socially acceptable for men to shave their chins every day, women may find this difficult. Stubble and rashes could cause problems and so a more permanent method such as laser treatment could be preferable.

Some methods, such as shaving, are fairly quick, although they need repeating on an almost daily basis. Waxing lasts longer, but takes time, especially if you do it yourself.

Think, too about how easy it is to treat the area yourself. If you need to remove hair from your back, you will need some kind of salon or clinic treatment for the best results!

Salon treatments will always be quicker than DIY treatments and will need repeating less frequently. Laser hair removal London is also a more rapid option which offers more permanent results, although it involves a higher initial outlay.