Excess hair is a problem for all sorts of people, especially given the pressures of modern society when it comes to looking good.

The good news is that there are no gender or sex issues when it comes to hair removal therapy. Excess hair growth can happen to men and women so it’s fortunate that laser skin treatment is accessible to all. So Who can undergo Laser Hair Removal treatment

Sex and gender

If there is a trend regarding laser treatment and gender, it might be that more women seek out therapy purely because there are more social pressures demanding the removal of hair in more parts of the body than there are for male counterparts.


Age isn’t a problem either. Both young and old might suffer from some form of excess hair growth at different times and laser treatment caters for everyone.

Ethnicity and hair colour

Ethnicity isn’t a major issue either although ethnicity does sometimes dictate the one thing that really does matter: hair colour.

Laser hair removal treatment targets melanin. The science behind the technology is all about determining where the melanin is and using that as a guide for the inhibition of the hair follicle.

Melanin is always present in greater amounts in darker hair. In fact, it’s the very thing that makes those hairs dark. As such, laser treatment is perfect for people with black hair, all shades of brown hair and deeper shades of blond hair.

The treatment is not recommended for very blond hair, white hair, grey hair or red hair, purely because there’s not enough melanin in these types of hair to ensure success.

Fortunately, those affected by excess hair growth are more likely to seek out treatment if they have darker hair because it is inevitably more noticeable than paler shades. In this sense, laser treatment fits people’s expectations rather neatly.


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