Why choose laser hair removal over other methods?

Posted on 17 Mar, 2012

1. It offers permanent hair reduction: when the laser is applied to the skin, the energy is absorbed by the melanin (pigment) present in the hair. It travels down the hair to the root, where there is an even greater concentration of melanin. As the light energy is transformed into heat energy, the temperature in the hair follicle increases. Once it reached 65°C, the follicle is denatured and the root of the hair destroyed. Not only does the active hair fall out, but the follicle is unable to produce a replacement.

2. It does not irritate or damage the skin: laser hair removal eliminates the problems associated with shaving and waxing. No shaving nicks or cuts, no ingrowing hairs with their accompanying red bumps and scarring; the structure of the skin is respected.

3. It is fast: shaving is, too, but you need to do it every day; waxing can be if you pay someone to do it; electrolysis isn’t. Removing leg hair using laser treatment can take as little as one hour for both legs, making it an ideal solution for treating large areas of skin.

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