While there are many different ways to remove excess facial and body hair, not all offer the same efficacy. Until fairly recently, men did not need to worry as much as women about the removal of hair from their bodies, but changing fashions have presented them with a new challenge.

Shaving may be good enough for the face, but this method has its limitations when it comes to removing hair from other areas of the body. The risk of cutting oneself is always present when wielding a razor and it is all but impossible to shave your own back!

Waxing is another hair removal method often used by women, but, again, there are problems associated with it. Waxing areas such as the back, shoulders or chest need to be carried out by someone else and can be messy (not to mention painful). The hair grows back within weeks and the process must be repeated. Waxing can also cause hairs to grow under the surface of the skin, which can result in inflammation, infection and scarring.

Removing hairs using IPL offers a way to keep skin hair-free without damaging the surrounding tissues. It is very quick, with long lasting results. For the best laser hair removal, London has to offer, contact The Laser Treatment Clinic.