Stretch marks are a common occurrence which usually affects the skin of the abdomen, upper arms, breasts, underarms and thighs. Stretch marks usually look like thin scars with white or silver streaks. These scars can hang loosely and look lifeless.

Massage is sometimes an effective solution for many new stretch marks. Stretch marks are easier to treat when they are new so massage the stretch marks four to five times each day. Use moisturisers with shea butter or cocoa butter to keep the skin hydrated and supple.

Stretch mark creams
There are specific creams on the market to target stretch marks. Both old and new stretch marks can be prevented or removed with certain creams. Skincare products are often the best first-stop for removing your stretch marks. They can soften and help the appearance of your stretch marks, as well as sometimes removing them altogether.

Laser Treatment
Laser treatment is a permanent method of stretch mark removal. It is painless, immediate and does not cause any side effects. Laser treatment completely eradicates the stretch marks and they will not grow back again.

The only way to prevent stretch marks is to keep your skin well moisturised, hydrated and try to not to gain or lose weight too quickly.