Alternative to damaging laser treatments.

There is a wide range of skin treatments available to remove damaged skin or hyperpigmentation, but these treatments can often lead to increased damage and more problems. Especially when it comes to darker skin tones. Dermaplaning and chemical peels are often offered as alternatives, these can come with risks of further damage to the skin. The Derma White Treatment is a non-invasive, natural and herbal based remedy for blemishes and hyperpigmentation in darker skin tones. It’s a perfect solution to achieve a clearer, brighter complexion without the risk of damage to sensitive skin.

All-natural & herbal products.

Delicate skin requires delicate care, which is why harsh chemicals and deep skin treatments are not always the best option for darker skin tones. Deep chemical peels can be just as damaging as intrusive skin treatment when it comes to darker complexions. So it’s important to take it slow, steady and gentle to provide lasting and non-damaging results on the skin. The products we use in Derma White Treatment are all-natural, ensuring that we treat your skin, no matter how sensitive, with care and delicacy, whilst ensuring results.

Derma White Treatment for darker skin tones & specific concerns.

Not all skin is the same, and every single person suffers from a variety of problems, with different degrees of severity. When it comes to skin, one size does not fit all. It’s vital to treat each client on a case by case basis. Our consultants are trained to work on darker complexions and design a tailor-made skin treatment plan. We want to ensure the optimum results for your specific skin worries. Derma White Treatment is an extremely popular choice for those suffering from Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) and Melasma. Which are common skin concerns for those with darker skin tones.

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