Why laser hair removal in London clinics is becoming more and more popular

Posted on 28 Oct, 2009

With new technologies emerging all the time, painful and tedious hair removal methods such as electrolysis or shaving can now be a thing of the past. Laser hair removal in London is becoming more and more popular, as it saves time in the long run and gives you one less thing to worry about if you have a busy lifestyle!

Hair removal lasers selectively target the melanin. Melanin occurs naturally in hair and skin (it gives colour to them). There are 2 types of melanin in the hair- pheomelanin (that gives red or blonde hair) and eumelanin (that gives black or brown hair). Laser hair removal can give successful results on most combinations of hair and skin, although it is most effective on dark, coarse hair

Both women and men can undergo laser hair removal treatments to get unwanted or superfluous hairs removed. Hair removal is most commonly carried out on the chin, upper lip, ear lobes, underarms, chest and legs.

Laser hair removal is a non invasive cosmetic surgery treatment that has been undertaken by millions of people across the world.

When looking for a reputable hair removal clinic in London, it is best to do lots of research before making a final choice.